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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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liv      Short Notes of Horace Walpole's Life
November. Production at Covent Garden of Kobert Jeph-son's tragedy, TJie Count ofNarbonne, founded upon Walpole's Castle of Otranto.
1782. May. Marriage of Walpole's great-niece, Lady Laura Waldegrave, to her cousin, Lord Chewton (afterwards fourth Earl Waldegrave).
October. Death of Walpole's former Mend and correspondent, Kichard Bentley, for the benefit of whose children Walpole had some years previously placed a sum of money in the funds.
November. Death of the Countess of Hertford, wife of Walpole's first cousin, to whom he was much attached.
December. Death of the Eev. William Cole, Walpole's schoolfellow, friend, and correspondent.
1784.   January.   Death of Walpole's elder brother, Sir Edward Walpole.    In consequence of this event, Walpole's income was diminished by 1,400Z. a year, derived from the sinecure place of Collector of Customs, which he held jointly with his brother.
February. Quarrel (on politics) between Walpole and his friend and correspondent, William Mason; they remained estranged until 1796.
November. Marriage of Lady Maria Waldegrave (Walpole's great-niece) to the Earl of Euston.
1785.   September.  The Due de Nivernois' translation of Walpole's Essay on Modern G-ardemng printed at Strawberry Hill, with English and French on opposite pages.
December. Death of Mrs. Clive, Walpole's friend and tenant at Little Strawberry Hill.
1786.   March.   Walpole received from his nephew the legacy left to him by Sir Kobert Walpole in 1745.
April. Marriage of Lady Horatia Waldegrave (Walpole's great-niece) to Captain Hugh Conway.
November.  Death, at Florence, of Walpole's friend, Sir